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SCORES and tabs


choral works

Lewis Carroll's iconic poem, The Jabberwocky, set for SATB with optional sand-blocks and glockenspiel.  

From Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, The Yearning is set for accapela SATB choir (w/piano reduction).

"Oh to go back." The good old days - perhaps that never were, but we hanker for them just the same.  I so often long for the seemingly simpler times of my youth, the hay fields, the pole barns, the raised wooden sidewalks of Hot Sulphur Springs, the rich, Colorado River headwaters, now drying up.  This lush choir piece is about that nagging wistfulness, perhaps most acutely felt as we grow old.

The struggle to create beauty. That's an underlying theme of this haunting text by Walt Whitman, from Leaves of Grass. Oh, To Make The Most Jubilant Song, set for SATB choir, soprano solo, piano and horn,

A whimsical poem by James Reeves about cows eating grass, flies, rain, and gossip.  For SATB a cappella (w/piano reduction).

For SSAATTBB with intermittent solos from each section, Rain On Down draws on gospel traditions with a contemporary middle section. Contrapuntal, even fugal at times.  A challenging yet moving piece.

For SSATB accappela choir.  A concert setting of the Latin, Sanctus/Agnus Dei liturgical texts, with plainsong Sanctus. Well suited for concerts as well as liturgies.

IMHO this little Lullaby is utterly beautiful.  First unison, then 2 parts, then 3, then unison again.  I've performed it with childrens' choirs, with the Bryn Mawr Middle School choir and with adults.

A straight forward, contrapuntal setting of this versatile text.  SATB unaccompanied.

I wrote this for my High School womens Madrigal ensemble back in the '90s.  Perfectly suited for young voices.  SSA a cappella.

Choral Arrangements

A very fun arrangement of this classic old-time tune.  SATB with "Bluegrass-Mozart" piano and upright bass.

Another old-time favorite.  SATB, piano, bass, and thigh slappers.

A classic Carter Family folk ballad with Scottish roots.  For SATB a Cappella.

Decades before O Brother... my mother would sing this tune, and I have very fond memories of singing this at family gatherings.  SATB with soloists. A very straight forward arrangement.

An easy arrangement of this beloved Shaker tune.  For SATB unaccompanied choir.

Back around 2004 I discovered "Southern Harmony," a rich collection of traditional hymns and folksongs.  I was so enthralled with them that I arranged many for the choirs I was working with then. Here are two.

From Southern Harmony, a classic tune. Easy arrangement for SATB.

A straight forward homophonic setting with soloists of this moving Underground Railroad song. SATB, solos

Orchestral works

Sleepless score

The first in an orchestral trilogy, Night Music, Three Nocturnes For Orchestra. A very descriptive piece about those "demons between midnight and six am that sometime haunt us and keep us awake, or at least half awake." Audio for the first two movements is available here. As I prepare the mix for the final movement as well as their scores I'll post them for download. However, performance materials, including parts conforming to guidelines established by the Major Orchestra Librarians Association will be available for a fee.

Te Deum cover page.png

In 1993 the school where I was teaching burned to the ground. The fire drew national attention and made the first page of the Washington Post. Georgetown Visitation Prep School is an historic institution in Georgetown, DC, which has witnessed many key events in American History including the sacking of Washington in 1813. They commissioned this work from me for the dedication of the rebuilt Founders Hall two years after the fire.


(NB: That was in the infancy of music notation software when new music was still written with pencil and paper.  Thus, the MSS. And yes, even dinosaurs can learn new tricks.)

For large brass ensemble, timpani and crash cymbals, this exciting fanfare is dedicated to the Boston University Cycling Team. My daughter was a star racer on the team, and the only woman at the time.

An evocative and effective piece for young string orchestra. Written for students at the Flint Hill School, Vienna, Virginia.

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Snow Falling On Footsteps

Snow Falling On Footsteps

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Specifically for a consort of Renaissance recorders, Snow falling on Footsteps is hauntingly effective.  


On the RECORDINGS page is a music video of this piece illustrated with winter scenes from mainly nineteenth-century Russian and East European painters.


The work is playable on most types of recorders, but works best with a Renaissance consort.