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a dialogue with history

Early Keyboard instruments


Pedal Clavichord

Two-manual pedal clavichord after J.D. Gerstenberg, 1760, The lower manual sounds much like an organ flute stop, and the upper rather like a nazard. Two 8' choirs in the manual instruments, 2x8' and 2x16' in the bass instrument. The gallery includes a photo of the original instrument from the Leipzig catalog, by Hubert Henkel.

pedal clavichord


Another interpretation of the Gerstenberg pedal clavichord. This one in white oak with traditional barley-twist legs, and trackers instead of pull-downs.

Making the 2023 pedal clavichord


A few of my harpsichords including my first, 1983, and an old photo tuning four of my harpsichords for a performance of the Bach concerto for four harpsichords, one of which I played in the concert.

fretted clavichord

After an anonymous, 17th-century German clavichord. It is fretted in pairs, meaning that certain non-diatonic half-steps such as d#-e, f-f# strike the same pairs of strings. It also has divided sharps in the short octave, D/F# and E/G#. Carved "Druckleiste" and tool box cover.

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