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it takes a village

I'm an artist. And a craftsman. Not a factory worker.   

And I like it that way,

Not only because of the artistic freedom, but also because working with people is immeasurably more rewarding than working at them. Besides, the friendships that develop are a great joy.

So, orders and commissions are collaborative. Every creation is a world unto itself.  


But pricing is still a pain in the far-side-of-away-over-yonder.

free downloads

Anyone may freely download most scores and illustrations, including nearly all of the choral works. I'm very happy to share them. But, please, just give me credit for them.

musical instruments

Every instrument is more or less customized.


But generally, 

-six-string guitars are $9k - $10k.  

-Harp guitars are $11k - $13k. 

-Single-manual harpsichords are $13k and up

-A short-octave, fretted clavichord is $8k - $10k.  

-A large, un-fretted clavichord is $10k - $12k.  

-And a double-manual pedal clavichord is $45k - $50k. 

If you are interested in an instrument, please email me. I'd love to hear from you.

large musical works

Performance scores and parts for larger works are available for a fee. They are prepared according to professional type-setting standards and the requirements of MOLA (Major Orchestra LIbrarians Association, Email me, and I'll send you a set.


High quality prints on acid-free paper are also available for a fee. Again, email me if you'd like one.

michael kent o'brien

14108 Milltown Road
Lovettsville, Virginia, 20180


Thanks for getting in touch!

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