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...Your music is a joy to work on.

-Veteran Sound Engineer,  Greg Lukens


Waiting for Dawn

This album is a collection of five orchestral concert works written between 2020 and 2023. 


The first, Shenandoah, reflects upon the irreversible changes in the Shenandoah Valley from a font of folk and native traditions to the fast-food chains and highways that now blanket the land.

The second, third and fourth pieces comprise a suite of three nocturnes, basically about sleeplessness and the brooding that accompanies it, the demons from midnight to six am.

     Waiting for Dawn is a ride through semi-consciousness.          One might think of it as an extended dance with the                    following time-cues:



             01:38....Slow Dance of Random Thoughts

             03:19....Grandfather Telling Stories

             04:26...Elders Gathering

             05:27....Elders Dancing

             08:03...Drifting Off

             08:38...Grandfather and His Parakeet

             09:27....A Gathering in the Alleys

             10:13.....Alleycats and Alleyrats

             12:26....Krupa Kats

             13:19....Still Not Asleep


     Cat's Eyes, the universe, immediate and mysterious, jazzy        and majestic, all there just beyond our reach.

     Sleepless, between waking and the unconscious, is

     where the demons play.  Maybe you are asleep, or maybe

     not.  With all that racket between your ears how do you            know? The score for Sleepless is available for free 




The last piece, The Evocation of Winter, for strings, portrays that calming Winter's silent cold, fog, and snow that so welcomingly blankets a noisy world.

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perimeter of conscience

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Somewhere between midnight and six am, you drift from thought to memory to some weird idea you just can't shed, or maybe you don't even want to. SLEEPLESS is a concert work for small orchestra and is Illustrated in this video with paintings by the Breugels, Hieronimus Bosch and their contemporaries.  From the album, Waiting For Dawn.