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design freedom



This harp guitar freely interprets 

the traditional Dyer design by reducing the size of the bass arm and emphasizing the basic guitar shape, Multi-scale, elevated fingerboard, twin KK pickups, six sub-bass strings tuned G, DD, CC, BB, AA, GG. Quilted eastern cherry, alpine spruce.


For finger-style playing, this lacewood and cedar guitar is both sonorous and transparent. 12-fret design. Mother-of-pearl purfling and contemporary rosette.

"Absolutely exquisite!"    -   Kim Person

"Gorgeous guitar!"  -  Todd Walker

die erinnerung

German for Memory, Die Erinnerung is a modern take on the Austrian Kontragitarre of the early twentieth century. It's basically a classical guItar, clear and transparent, yet the slightly deeper body and four sub bass strings add warmth to its sound. The subs can be tuned either with a re-entrant G-DD-CC-AA or a diatonic DD-CC-BB-AA.

"Way cool"  -  Kathy Wingert

The dancer

Because this harp guitar reminds me of the Matisse cut-outs, I call it "The Dancer." It's a fresh interplay of curving lines, always the same, but in a different way. Semper idem sed non eodem modo. Six sub-bass strings: G, DD, CC, BB, AA, GG

"Really, really nice, Michael!"  -  Fred Carlson


Made for a very fine, young musician with a baby girl, named "Lily."

The nightingale

Classical guitar after Antonio Torres, with a slightly narrower waist and smaller upper bout. I particularly like its lute-like sound. East Indian Rosewood and Alpine spruce. 650mm scale.

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